Y’all know what “fahooey” is?  Well, in my lil world, fahooey describes the bullshit that wanna-be intellectuals and pseudo-politicos spout to defend their take on world affairs.  So, let’s me and you for sake of clarity just call it plain ole bullshit.  Comes in all different forms, colors, and texture but it all stinks.

On my mind today is the way America’s controlling political powers lead us down the path of hatred for folks who ain’t exactly fitting into the WASP mindset that’s been running our country for the last 241 years.  Aw, c’mon now, you know dang well I’m right.  Proof of the puddin’ is this nincompoop and his cronies running the White House.  Would a country of people  dedicated to freedom , liberty, and justice put this kind of hog slop in control of our welfare?  NosirreeBob.  So, don’t tell me ’bout America, the beautiful and America, home of the free til y’all fess up to what some folks truly believe.

Now, this here thing with Muslims and terrorists is downright fahooey.  I sure as hell don’t condone the violence, but take a look at what America, France, Russia and England did to the area we now call the Middle East after World War 1.  Split up the people living there into countries that didn’t follow ancient tribal territories, set up governments and controls contrary to their traditions, made fun of ’em and their culture, and then exploited the hell out of ’em for the oil lying underground.  Wouldn’t y’all be pissed-off too if that happened to you?

Stay with me here.  It’s too bad that them folks, who’s now fighting back, is Muslim and some of ’em fight in the name of Allah, but the problem ain’t with their religion, it’s the way we’ve treated them.  Sad to say, us WASPs back here in the good ole US of A put a religious twist on everything when it needs a scapegoat.  Hell, look at the good ole boy we elected President.  Had hands laid on him at a gathering of religious folks in the Oval Office.  Sorry, Pres, y’all need a helluva lot more than prayers and hands laid on ya.

But, again I digress.  Ya wanna talk some fahooey, let’s dig up some genuine American fahooey.  Ever hear of the SPLC?  Stands for Southern Poverty Law Center.  Now, them folks got one helluva job to do.  They keep watch on hate groups in our country and monitor reports of hate crime.  Y’all need to go to their website and check it out: SPLC

917 hate groups in our country that somehow got onto the SPLC’s radar screen and it ain’t because they’ve been helping lil ole ladies cross the street or marching for the civil rights of minorities.  NosirreeBob, these folks is downright vicious.  A lot of ’em hating because of race, many because of religion, some of them hate gays, a few probably hate just because it seems to be the American way these days.  Y’all say “Well, not in my neighborhood this ain’t happening.”

Yeah, that’s what I said too.  Then I checked out the SPLC hate map.  Hell’s bells, there’s 3 of them groups less than 50 miles from my house.  Know what folks?  We all need to get off our fat, lazy, white-boy asses, give up that WASP attitude of privilege and start doing something about homespun terrorism right here in our own backyards.  Not saying them Middle East terrorists ain’t a threat, but we got plenty of hatred going on in these United States of America to keep us occupied for our lifetimes.

Well, that’s enough trashing around fer today.  I need a nap.


2 Replies to “NEWS FROM GABBY GRAYWHISKERS: “fahooey””

  1. we have four hate groups in OKC and one each in Tulsa and Warr Acres………they rear their ugly heads at every type of civil rights march or program throughout the state…but we tend to cut off at the knees the morons who show up. Sorry I haven’t blogged..took a day to get out of jail. Silly congressman thinks his office is an inappropriate place for old people and the disabled to hang out. oh well.

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