Gabby and Larry: not two peas in a pod

This journey I am on, the same journey all of us undertake, has met its share of stone walls, dead ends, and heartbreak.  What seemed like a terrific idea yesterday becomes today’s need to backtrack and regroup.  A person who comes aside and walks that path with me briefly decides to take the alternate route lying ahead and becomes just a memory of good times.  The opportunity not taken shows up later in life as one of those “I told you so” moments.  It can be a tortuous life through hell we build for ourselves or a meandering trek through serenity.  We have the ability to make that choice.

I write as larrypaulbrown and as gabbygraywhiskers.  Larry is the idealist, the one who sees the possibilities of life through rose-colored filters and believes in the innate goodness of mankind and the infinite power of an incomprehensible, undefinable God.  Whatever turmoil and hostility abounds in the world, Larry believes it can be conquered by love and compassion.

Gabby on the other hand is a realist.  He relates his world view from the experiences of a life deep in the nitty-gritty of addiction, disappointment, and social disapproval.  His personality is a composite of the people who have joined in his journey through life.  His world view is tempered by the harshness of ignorance and misunderstanding.  Gabby is more of an in-your-face kind of man who sees injustice in the world and wants to single-handedly and vociferously confront it and then fix it.  The compassion he envisions is backed by a good ole boy creed which ridicules and challenges stupidity.  He’s got something to say and, “dang it, you’re gonna friggin listen.”

I continually struggle with these two personas that fill my brain with thoughts and writing material.  Sometimes I think that, yes, dementia is finally taking over.  But, more often, I simply go with the flow and allow whomever has a pressing need to vocalize to take the pen and fill the page with the my ramblings.

My goal is not to be published, not to become a noteworthy blogger, not to become a recognized name in writing circles.  I merely want to touch lives in a meaningful way.

“Aw hell, there Larry goes again with that mushy crap.  NosirreeBob, what we’re gonna do is change the friggin world whether the world likes it or not.”



6 Replies to “Gabby and Larry: not two peas in a pod”

  1. Hello,

    I’ve only just recently started following and receiving emails of your blog entries. I figured after reading this post it’s time to pay respects with a comment. I hope it’s received as motivation to keep writing for those who are afraid to speak out for themselves as well as to continue to write from the heart. You have touched mine over the recent of days and as I look towards a new obstacle and challenge that I’m in turmoil over committing to, your words and guidance through life struggles, issues, and setbacks gives me that sense of hope that no matter what, I can only do what I set out to do. Whatever I don’t do is because I never got up to do something about it.
    Anyway, thank you for your writings. Your messages are being received here in Texas… so that should say something within itself.

    🤠 TJ

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  2. Ahh, Larry. You touch people. You are fully capable of (and have proven it over and over) of stirring the senses, shoving lethargy aside and shoving people firmly into protest or proclamation mode. Whether it is a post about politics, addiction, frustration, joy, love, peace or encouragement…….you touch people. And I, for one, am proud to call you friend.

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  3. As I read your post I was reminded of something a Native Indian friend told me. She told me her belief of life was described as a “Red Road”. She said the road was filled with all of us, moving down it at different speeds, some times walking together, or falling behind, or moving ahead. The description of the road is that it has twists turns, wide spots and narrows, it has pot holes and hills. I love that idea because those who have walked with me for a while on this road I may find there again. I do not know where the road leads, but it is not the end I strive for, it is the joy of the journey as we walk along. I am glad we have met on this road and are walking for awhile in easy companionship. I wish you the best on your journey. Hugs

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