Trump taps ACCU-WEATHER CEO to head NOAA

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)  “We can’t afford to have someone in this position that might be tempted to feather their own nest by privatizing the National Weather Service,” he said.

As a resident of Florida, I depend heavily during hurricane season on NOAA weather updates to keep me safe and informed.  There are no commercial breaks and no “cutesy” stunts by weather performers.

Beyond this preference for non-drama weather information, what other reason do I have for checking NOAA for weather forecasts?

Allow me to present this scenario.  The man proposed by Trump as head of NOAA is now a person of little scientific background who has been the CEO of a major weather information broadcaster.  His background is making money, not protecting people. That company is not in the business as a non-profit organization.  Like all corporations it depends on advertisers and its stockholders expect a return on their investment.

With me so far?  Barry Myers, the man tapped by Trump, is keeping tabs on a major tropical system developing in the Atlantic Ocean.  It looks like a Cat 4 or 5 headed directly to Florida.  Next weekend a major financial supporter of Myers’ previous affiliate, ACCU-WEATHER is hosting a multi-million dollar extravaganza in Miami;  noted speakers, high-profile entertainment, celebrities from around the world are expected.  For a mere $10,000 a plate you can attend that extravaganza and speak personally to Donald J. Trump.

I, Barry Myers, have to decide whether to allow NOAA to issue warnings as severe as the prognosis indicates.  My job is on the line and my previous alliance to ACCU-WEATHER is on my mind and most likely still in my wallet.  Hmmmm, what to do?  I know this system could change course.  I know a lot of wealthy people are going to be pissed-off if I make the wrong decision.   Hmmmm, what to do?

We would hope Mr. Myers takes the high road and puts the people of Miami and all of Florida first.  Aw, c’mon people.  From what we have seen of this Administration to date, there is no reason this side of hell to believe that would happen.  Think about it.  If you live in Florida contact Senator Nelson and thank him for his stand and urge Senator Rubio to stand with Nelson.


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Years ago when I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, Homosassa was a sleepy fishing village with just one traffic light. Today, unfortunately, it is a bustling fishing village with three traffic lights and a new WalMart. Being a retired trucker, I've seen the continental United States coast to coast and north to south hundreds of times and don't care to venture out of Florida again. Driving was a great adventure and a great job. We don't get too excited about things around here. Tourists enjoy the river and the manatees. Snowbirds come down to share their northern wisdom and spend their money. I sit on the front porch and watch the world go by.......and write.

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  1. tRumpsky has nominated for department head the people who either most want to destroy the department or who will most minimize the departments job. He is against anything that benefits the country if he can’t take credit. He doesn’t want thinking people as he can’t think. He wants not to be president but to be emperor. Hugs

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