Gabby is back….eeeeeehaw

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Howdy, howdy folks.  Gabby Graywhiskers here.  Well dagnabbit, Larry’s done gone and did it.  As y’all know he’s been threatening to hitch a slow boat to the Mediterranean island of Gonstagos and live in the cliff-side caves with the monks.  YessirreeBob, he’s gone.  Took a toothbrush, a stick of Old Spice, and his computer.
I asked about clothes and he says,  “Don’t need clothes. The monks will fix me up with robes and if the cliff-side idea don’t work, there’s a nudist camp nearby.”
Guess good ole Larry’s got his bases covered.   I says to him, “What’s the computer for, Larry?”
He looked at me with that condescending sneer of his and barked,  “How in hell would I keep in touch with my WordPress friends, Gabby? Huh?”
So, I’m supposing when he gets there and settles into his new digs, he’ll write a post once in awhile.  But, for now I’m your main man.  I am the voice of LarryPaulBrown.  Maybe I should change the name, whaddyathink?  Something classy like “PrimeTimeGabby” or maybe “GabbySpeak”?   Oh no, I’ve got it!  “Gabby’sPerfectStorm.”
I can hear y’all asking, “Gabby, what will you talk about?”
My wise old grandpappy always said, “Never talk religion, sex, and politics with neighbors you want to keep as friends.”
Well, when I stuck my Hillary signs in the front yard back in 2016, my neighbors called me a godless, dickless, flaming Democrat.  Grandpappy was right.  They should never have talked that way.  YessireeBob, we’re gonna talk religion, sex, and politics everyday just to piss ’em off.





  1. larrypaulbrown · 23 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on GABBY'S PLACE.

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  2. Suze · 23 Days Ago

    Gabby, I had the absolute privilege of having five (count em….FIVE) democratic political posters in the yard, four (woot!) Independent candidate posters and THREE (whoohoo really annoyed the neighbors) GREEN PARTY signs. Now the only ones who talk to me are either 92 years old and no longer gives a damn or the six year old next door! What a life!

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  3. This is gonna be interesting 🙂

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    • larrypaulbrown · 22 Days Ago

      Stay tuned. Gabby’s got an opinion about everything….”and he ain’t skeered to inflict it on his readers.”

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      • Suze · 22 Days Ago

        and we all thank our Higher Powers for that! lol

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