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 A white supremacist, who wore pins celebrating Adolf Hitler and the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party during last summer’s violence in Charlottesville, was found guilty late Tuesday of assaulting a black man.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, 23, of Ward, Arkansas, was convicted by a jury in Charlottesville of “malicious wounding,” a felony related to the August 12 attack that severely injured DeAndre Harris.  Read the article at HATEWATCH

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Howdy, howdy, folks.  Gabby Graywhiskers here.  Talking to y’all about hatred and racism breaks Gabby’s heart.  I ain’t been brought up to be racist and for that I thank my folks back in a little community in Pennsylvania.  They was pacifists that raised me, God-loving farm people who read the Bible seriously.  I guess they got the story right because my folks never found anything in them readings that said one color of skin was better than another or that one race was holier than another.  NosireeBob.  Tweren’t a bone in them that allowed hatred.  So, to see anyone justify intolerance with Scriptures or a supremacist viewpoint just cranks me the wrong way.

The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) tracks them folks who thinks they is better than other folks.  Whether it’s the KKK, the white nationalists, the anti-Muslim groups, White Identity or anti-LGBT that catches their attention, SPLC lists them on its website and maintains a nationwide map of their locations.  My friends, get your heads out of the sand or any body part where y’all might be storing it, engage a few brain cells, and take a look at what our country has become.  Check the HATEWATCH map on the link above for a hate group meeting near you.

On a personal note, good ole Doc Simpson is advising me to calm down and get this dang blood pressure under control.  OM, OM, OM.  Living in today’s turmoil ain’t good for blood pressure.  I asked a few buddies what’s the secret.  One says a glass of wine, or two, every night.  Well, Gabby ain’t gonna do that.  Another says a good woman to tuck me in every night.  Yeah right. Ole Buster says to let go of things I can’t control.  Well, he might be right.

“Dang it, Buster,” I says, “Then what would I fuss about?”

“Bingo,” says my buddy, “less fussing, less stress, blood pressure drops to safe levels.”

But what would Gabby write about if he weren’t fussing about social justice, politics or religion?  Friggin flower show at the mall?  Ole fart jokes?  Maybe the latest news from the Homosassa Ladies’ Sewing Circle?  Lordy,  I ain’t realized how much the bull crap coming across my media screens is controlling my thinking and screwing up my health.

“Truly Gabby,” I says to myself, “how much is your fussing gonna change what’s going on in Washington or North Korea or Russia?  No matter how corrupt your government has become, the only thing that means a hill of beans is your vote at election time.  And even that  is under attack.”

NosireeBob, Gabby don’t control much of nothing.  I’m supposing maybe Larry’s been right all along.

He says, “tuck your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.”

Whaaaaat?  Y’all were expecting words of wisdom or a scriptures verse?  Good Lord!

Stop by the house sometime.  We could set on the porch and meditate.   Frieda Friggenhoffer gave me a few bags of chamomile tea.  OM, OM, OM

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  1. larrypaulbrown · 21 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on GABBY'S PLACE.


  2. Suze · 21 Days Ago

    I truly wish I had the funds to travel to Homosassa and sit on your porch awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

    • larrypaulbrown · 21 Days Ago

      Yeah, I solve a lot of problems on that porch.


    • larrypaulbrown · 20 Days Ago

      Suze, come on down. You can go anywhere you want in your mind. I’m living on that island called Gonstagos. It’s beautiful. C’mon, let’s go sit on the porch.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Brent Waller · 2 Days Ago

    Reading that Communist hate map tells me your just a puppet who didn’t earn his grey whiskers. That map and the Ponzi scheme behind it needs to be tossed into the ocean to swim back to the Fake Hebrew homeland. They said yesterday MS13 are not animals, they push for open borders, fag marriage, and hate Christians. Let me guess Mr whisker your another brain dead Christian who jumps when they pull your string. My oh my. Maybe you will wake up and earn them heat whiskers one day, Tell me you didn’t send money to the SPLC Billionairs? Many get suckered every day. I think folks are brain dead to believe the 5 Ku Klux Orders in this country are 200 because these fake Hebrews tell you so. They need you to be scared! Why? Well Mr fake grey whiskers you send lots of money when you can be convinced the boogymen are all around you. Can you spell Sheep? You bleat like one.


    • larrypaulbrown · 1 Day Ago

      Appreciate the comment. Your words support my concerns about hatred and intolerance in America so much more profoundly than 1000 of my own words ever could. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brent Waller · 1 Day Ago

        Your welcome. 1000 of your words supporting the SPLC scheme to rape the liberal sheep of its money tells us all we need to know about the level of your brainwashing. You get grey whiskers from wisdom Larry, not from being a trained sheep. We will pray a squirrel drops an acorn on your head and that act will awaken you from your slumber and stop the bleating reminiscent of the sheep in George Orwells Animal Farm novel.

        Liked by 1 person

      • larrypaulbrown · 1 Day Ago

        Appreciate once again your comment. Every word you share just proves my point. Thank you. By the way “you are” contracted should be spelled you’re.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Brent Waller · 1 Day Ago

        Your welcome, I see we have reduced to being spelling teachers out of a lack of defense, so my work here is done. My spellchecker is retarded but by switching subjects I would be wasting my time. Being I’m the elected Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, my time is valuable. You have a great White day Larry and remember Christ is King and only a fool follows a bunch of fake Hebrew nonsense and maps. ORION


  4. larrypaulbrown · 1 Day Ago

    Thanks for visiting. You also have a great day under the grace of the healing and forgiving Universal consciousness.


  5. Suze · 7 Hours Ago

    ya know…I really thought that Brent person was being sort of ironic at first…until I saw his website. dear Lord above Larry, how do you draw the miscreants, the fools and the morons? I would have been not so nice in responses….thanks for showing a better way. (now living on a Hommosassa front porch, drinking sweet tea and gabbing with Gabby)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. larrypaulbrown · 2 Hours Ago

    Suze, I was hoping you would see those comments. Trust me, I rewrote my replies to him several times before I was able to eliminate the name-calling and profanity that I wanted to use. Want some lemon in that tea? I am, however, still considering using his comments as a future Gabby post. If he is evidence of the intelligence of the KKK, we have nothing to worry about.


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