6 years and counting


hayseed emojiFolks, Gabby has enjoyed writing for you at GABBY’S PLACE in a colloquial, redneck venue hoping to perhaps bring a smile and a “yessirreeBob” response.  He lives in a conflicted world with his creator LarryPaulBrown.   Initially, the hayseed in Larry wanted to simply entertain.  Nothing was sacred, least of all religion and politics.  Only a character such as Gabby could possibly pull off the dichotomy that exists in the mind of Larry.

WORDPRESS has reminded me that it has been 6 years since I first opened an account and began typing.  My story of driving semi for the USA was the byline of WHISKERS ON WHEELS.  Check it out on the link.  I share my story of recovery and spiritual awakening on Larry Paul Brown.  The site, GABBY’S PLACE, has undergone numerous revisions and formats.  With it, my intention has always been to draw a smile…

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  1. Anonymous · 15 Days Ago

    Congrats on the six, yessirreeBob, that there’s a long haul with nothing blown up.

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