Joe Biden


Vice President Joe Biden, in a tribute to his friend and colleague, profiled John McCain with the words character, courage, integrity, honor.

Something about those words inspire trust and respect.  They speak to the quality of character.  There were times, years ago, when a man or woman valued more highly than gold, silver, and material riches the acknowledgement of those words applied to their standing and behavior among fellow men and women – our nation was a different society and a different USA.

John McCain wore those characteristics comfortably and convincingly because he was a courageous warrior of honor and integrity, a champion of the right stuff.   John McCain, with his passing to a well-deserved rest, leaves us with one less statesman and public servant who espouses what made America great.  We do not need red MAGA caps to proclaim to the world who we are.  No, we need more John McCains who follow a lifetime commitment to integrity and honor.  We do not need bluster and confrontation in the halls of Congress and the White House to re-establish our standing in the world order.  No, we need men and women who stand for something other than profit and personal gain.

We need character, courage, integrity, and honor running our government.  It’s in short supply and it is essential to the continuation of America’s greatness.  Chest-thumping, ego-boosting behavior and conversation are the hallmarks of immaturity, selfishness, and insecurity.  When you go out to vote in November, cast a thumbs-up to those who embody greatness of character rather than proliferation of bull crap.  It’s our choice to live with the current catastrophe or to embrace a new vigor leading to the right stuff.



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