John McCain’s legacy


Did you watch any of the service from our National Cathedral for Senator John McCain? Did you shed a tear, pray with the clergy, become misty-eyed with the singing of “Danny Boy,” smile with the numerous anecdotes from the speaking dignitaries? Did you share with your fellow Americans remembrances of a better time, a more civil time when opposing political positions honored each other’s differences while pursuing their vision of greatness? Did it move you?

That which we witnessed from the National Cathedral at John McCain’s funeral service truly showcased the greatness of a country which at one time was able to compromise in a varied political spectrum where agendas and opinions were vastly different yet solutions were achieved. In today’s gathering darkness, that which made America great has been sacrificed for the privilege and profit of a few of the financial elite and politically powerful.

Did you listen to the eulogies from Presidents Obama and Bush? We heard two great statesmen who loved their country, yet served under differing political philosophies. Each brought a tear to my eye remembering a time not long ago when I was proud of our leadership even if I did not embrace their brand of governing. Each in his own way brought honor, discipline, and integrity to a very difficult assignment – the Presidency.

For a few hours on Saturday, from Washington, D.C., America was made great again, given a reprieve from that which has transpired since November of 2016. We don’t need red caps or hateful rallies to declare our greatness to the world or to bolster what we are as a people. We saw today whom we can once again be if we draw upon the decency and integrity of true patriots, those who know how to serve unselfishly with honor, truthfulness, and respect.

Democrats and Republicans alike have a huge reserve of talented and dedicated men and women who love this country just as much as you and I. They respect the valor and courage of our national heroes who have faithfully served. These patriots and potential great statesmen may have been silent when silence was least needed, but they are waiting in the wings to take up the battle where John McCain left off. We need nothing less than national heroes to guide us through this national darkness. Vote in November as if our democracy depends on it because possibly it does.


  1. larrypaulbrown · 18 Days Ago

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  2. akiwigirlabroad · 18 Days Ago

    very uplifting and emotional service for a true hero

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  3. Ann Coleman · 17 Days Ago

    Well said!


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