So many of us have lived our lives placing unmerited value on the opinions of others while discrediting our personal truth and reality.  Breaking the shackles of people-pleasing requires honest self-appraisal, a healthy dose of self-esteem, and an enormous commitment to self-realization.  


Check out the link below to the story in YES MAGAZINE.  Wise men and women know that Mother Nature will prevail over man’s greed in the end, but kudos to those earthly inhabitants who are helping her now.

Dakota victory

In U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg’s order, he wrote, “The Court does not reach its decision with blithe disregard for the lives it will affect. Yet, given the seriousness of the Corps’ NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) error, the impossibility of a simple fix, the fact that Dakota Access did assume much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential harm each day the pipeline operates, the Court is forced to conclude that the flow of oil must cease.”



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