I find myself at times in an extremely dangerous and precarious place for an addict who has based his recovery on the Alcoholics Anonymous premise of “God, as I understand him.” This somehow becomes “God, as the fundamentalist Christian church tells me He should be”. In those moments I need to return to early sobriety roots. The beginning formula of my writing was undertaken as a recovery/sobriety dialog focusing mainly on the spiritual nature of recovery. But, for an alcoholic who loves to have all answers in black or white, right or wrong, moral or immoral, fundamental Christianity becomes a haven of righteousness and certainty. It is a place I had trekked through 30 years ago and miraculously escaped with my life and sobriety intact.

My writing documents my story recalling the depths of a personal hell in the clutches of substance and behavior addictions beginning in early adolescence. It is a continuing biography of what it was like and what happened. Because I strongly support an addiction recovery based on a spiritual connection and absolutely believe that we must never forget what it was like, sobriety based writings under larrypaulbrown will continue with the inclusion of my story in future posts.

I am shifting gears in “Quest”, a blog with which I hope to share continuing insights for sanity in sobriety from various inspirations that are not necessarily Christian in nature. All religious philosophies and theologies share a common thread in advocating an adherence to sober living. Please continue with me on a continuation of life’s adventures inside a recovering addict’s head.

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