Walk with me awhile, won’t you? Where we are going could be a million miles or just around the corner. We don’t need special shoes or a hat but we should dress with sincere hearts and open minds. Leave your baggage at home. It will just hinder the trip. Your preconceived notions and beliefs might be challenged so be prepared to change. I promise we’ll be back before supper time.

My life changed drastically in October of 2014. A chance renewal with an old friend set me on a new road, a straight path to a place I had always avoided. We made commitments to each other that October evening; he promised to be with me always and I promised to repent and become His follower. It was truly that simple. It was said and done in just a few minutes, a twinkling of the eye.

But, that was just the beginning. New habits, new thinking, new loyalties were in the offing and these changes, though welcome, were also challenging. Thinking of others before myself, walking hand in hand with my Lord instead of the world, and talking nicely even when I’m the only one listening. Many, many changes.

The One whom I follow and name God may be called differently by you. But, this Supreme Being is almighty and omnipotent, worthy of trust and reverence, and the source of an amazing grace which has saved wretched souls like you and I from paths of destruction and despair. Our God is awesome and our God is universal. Just put love and faith on your heart and let’s go.

We can walk slowly, don’t want to miss anything. We can stop and behold the beauty along the way, chat about it. That would be nice, don’t you think? OK, I’m ready. May our Lord guide us and protect us. Forward!


2 Replies to “AMAZING GRACE”

  1. I wonder how many know the story behind the writing of the lyrics of that gorgeous song? That it was written by a former slave trader who found a personal connection with his Lord and became a monk. Who tried for many years after to awaken people to the horrors of slavery.

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