a day in the park

Life is like a day in the park on a beautiful sunny day.  Sitting on our favorite bench under a spreading oak tree, we enter a world where everything is perfect.  The fresh air, the visual delight of blooming daisies in the nearby field, the chatter of squirrels working up the courage to come begging for a handout, the soft murmur of an airplane flying high in the sky; yes, we say, life is just about perfect.

Ahhhhh, smell the fragrances of nature, hear the sounds of silence, see the majestic mountains in the distance, relish the peace of the moment.  it doesn’t get any better than this. Then, as if reality says, “whoa, hang on while I burst your bubble,” one of nature’s beauties drops a load of poop on our shoulder.  Reality wings away noisily from its perch above our head.  And we have learned another of life’s lessons.

Enjoy and appreciate the great moments because there is always someone just waiting to drop a load on our perfect day.  But, that’s life, isn’t it?  It’s the dropped loads that give us opportunities to become better people.


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