take stock & regroup

Friends, I celebrate entry into the septuagenarian decade today. Undoubtedly there are many more years behind than ahead and I’m perfectly fine with that. What I am not fine with is my deepening obsession with the political circus that surrounds us everyday. It’s not healthy physically or spiritually to be angry everyday. The title of my blog originally was “Journey, chasing serenity and sanity in a crazy world”. That’s where I want to be when I encounter the “rest that awaits just beyond the horizon.”

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Years ago when I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, Homosassa was a sleepy fishing village with just one traffic light. Today, unfortunately, it is a bustling fishing village with three traffic lights and a new WalMart. Being a retired trucker, I've seen the continental United States coast to coast and north to south hundreds of times and don't care to venture out of Florida again. Driving was a great adventure and a great job. We don't get too excited about things around here. Tourists enjoy the river and the manatees. Snowbirds come down to share their northern wisdom and spend their money. I sit on the front porch and watch the world go by.......and write.

7 thoughts on “take stock & regroup”

  1. I hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful day Larry… You’re right though about anger.. it’s definitely not good for you although I appreciate with the world ‘behaviour’ at the moment in politics it’s hard not to be.. Take care x

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  2. Happy (belated) birthday wishes from me! I turned 70 this year, too. The political circuses make me feel weary, rather than angry. It seems the human race has an incredibly short memory of what happens, and then what happens next…


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