Abraham, Martin, and John

These are times which anger us, confuse us, and sadden us.  It is in these tumultuous days that I must return to the comforts of better days, days when we had heroes to honor and respect, days when a man’s word was trustworthy, days when there was hope for tomorrow’s awakening, days when peaceful co-existence seemed attainable.  My days are shortening and I am sorry that I have not done more to ensure that our children and grandchildren would also have heroes worthy of adoration and respect.  For this I am responsible.


3 Replies to “Abraham, Martin, and John”

  1. I have been depressed and sad and frustrated since January. Somehow it’s like I’m in a dream its so disconcerting. The sixties were bad enough. Now with a president like this, I feel it’s going to get much much worse.

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    1. I understand that feeling. It’s a wake-up call. Hatred and bigotry now have a mainstream voice in America thanks to Trump and his Trumpeteers. Gotta keep the faith in what we know to be the truth. Thanks for commenting.

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