NEWS FROM GABBYGRAYWHISKERS: my God enjoys a good joke

Hey, y’all, here’s a shout out to my bud Scottie @ scottie’s toy box  Great sense of humor and one of them good ole boys who don’t take religion too seriously.

A man dies and goes to the Pearly Gates and is let into heaven. It so
happens that on the day he enters Paradise it is also Saint Peter’s day off.
Having nothing better to do, Saint Peter offers the man the Grand Tour and
so they spend the day looking at all the wondrous sights and sounds.
At the end of the tour, they reach the far side of heaven, and, lo and
behold, there is a massive wall reaching into eternity dividing one side of
heaven from the other. Confused, the man asks Saint Peter, “what is this
wall here for and what is its purpose in heaven and what is on the other
side”? Saint Peter sighs, throws his hands up and rolls his eyes and says,
“Oh, on the other side of this wall is where you will find all the Born
Again Christians.” “Why is that,” asks the man? “Why do you keep all the
Born Again Christians on the other side of the wall.” Embarrassed, Saint
Peter replies, “Well…um…er… we let them think they’re the only ones up

Aw, what’s the matter?  Somebody’s stepped on your tender, religious toes.  Relax! God’s got a voluminous sense of humor.  If not true, she would have come down here already and zapped your intolerant, bigoted asses.  Yeeeehaw.


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