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Well Lordy be!  Me and Larry been nominated for an award.  Shoot, last award I got was for the annual cow pie contest in downtown Homosassa.  Afterwards the judges changed their minds when momma told ’em I cheated ’cause I baked my pies in her kitchen stove. I’m guessing y’all don’t know about baked cow pies, makes them real hard and easier to toss.

Well, bless Shawn’s heart for nominating me.  She’s just a good ole gal over at  I AM MANY THINGS .  Here’s the rules for:


one lovely blog


  • Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Pass this on to as many people as you  can (max 15).
  • Include this set of rules.
  • Inform your nominees.

There ain’t many verifiable facts about me.

  1. Gabby ain’t just another pretty face in the crowd.  NosirreeBob.
  2. Gabby ain’t married.  No self-respecting woman would have him.
  3. Gabby’s retired since the cow pie factory shut down couple years ago.
  4. Gabby writes to share a message.  He just don’t yet know what it is.
  5. Gabby lives with his best bud, Larry.  Don’t have any other choice.
  6. Gabby don’t mess with alcohol nor drugs. NOSIRREEBOB.
  7. Gabby loves Jesus.

I ain’t gonna nominate too many folks for this award cause most of my buds is too bashful….kinda like me.




Shawn, it’s been a hoot!  Thanks




5 Replies to “NEWS FROM GABBYGRAYWHISKERS: breaking news flash”

  1. Hello Larry and Gabby. Thank you for the wonderful mention and the kind thoughts. However I do not do awards. I do not mind answer questions and I am super glad you enjoy the things in my Toy Box. Talk later. Hugs


  2. Holy cannoli, Batman…did I really just get nominated for an award that Gabby received? wow…such erudition I am not quite sure I can live up to….but unlike Scotty, I accept! I like awards. I also like jewelry….sparkly stuff. Donations happily accepted.

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    1. Well, actually Gabby saw the post first and decided to respond. He’s such an attention hog! Hey girl I like sparkly stuff too….sparkly silver, sparkly gold, sparkly diamonds. Thanks for accepting, donation is in the mail.

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