Friends, I am sitting here with my life-long friend, Gabby Graywhiskers.  Some of you have met him from previous posts.  He is well versed in a wide array of topics and he is not shy about sharing his opinion.  But, did you know he is also a recovering alcoholic?

“Gabby, thank you for taking time to sit with me today, I would…….”

“Excuse me, Larry.  You just now broke my anonymity to millions of people across the globe and in my hometown.  Nary a one of ’em knew I was a drunk.   ‘Who you see here, what we say here, when you leave here, let it stay here.’  Ever hear that at a meeting, Bucko?  Gaaaawd, what’s my preacher and city mayor gonna think?”

“Gabby, I apologize.  I ‘m sure your drinking was not a big secret.  Besides, I believe my readership is less than 300, so the entire…

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