I shared recently with a friend that my life sometimes seems to be driven by a need to stand ready and armed in the attack mode.  So many happenings in our world, so many leaders, and so many “experts” could benefit immensely by a few words of advice and castigation from me, the great I am, the final word of wisdom on anything from negotiating with North Korea to relief for the poverty-stricken of the world.  I know all; I have the answers and I am going to let you know what they are.

With that frame of mind being on the offensive, some of the people I encounter immediately assume a response of counter-attack and, by golly, the fight of the century is happening amongst the pots and pans hanging in my kitchen.  Words for fighting and weapons hanging from the cupboards were the last thing on my mind when I offered my expertise on problems within our government.  But, words were shared, pans did fly and the least of my worries became the antics of an infantile President.  Duck!! here comes Grandma’s favorite 9″ cast iron fry pan.

Fear and insecurity often drive pride into my world.  That pride, if left unchecked, will take me to places I truly don’t need to go, to places best left to those who are willing to suffer the consequences of voicing opinions about political corruption and ineptitude.  Although, in the words of Elie Wiesel, neutrality is not an option in issues of social injustice, maintaining neutrality in a political discussion with neighbors is often an action of pure wisdom.  I would do best to save my fight for issues that bring me to a state of weeping and compassion for oppressed and suffering brothers and sisters.  Political structures are a dime-a-dozen, they come and go just as the seasons of the year pass without fail.  But, the suffering and oppressed are always with us, always needing an advocate.  No, I don’t suffer from a savior complex.  I simply must anticipate always the scenario which Jeremy Camp sings about…..there will be a day.




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  1. The freedom of admitting to yourself that your own pride and ego is the cause of your pain is the beginning of recovery from whatever it is that is hurting you, This has been and is certainly my experience. Thanks again for the post.

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