“Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me.”orange tree

Like a beautiful flower, full of color, but without scent,
are the fine but fruitless words
of those who do not act accordingly.
But like a beautiful flower, full of color and full of scent,
are the fine and fruitful words
of those who do act accordingly.

from FLOWERS,  the Buddha


We are encouraged in our faith walks and recovery programs to “walk the talk”.  Scriptures and rhetoric flow easily off the tongues of many religious and political leaders only to be sadly contradicted by actions which betray their words.  From the pulpits and the podiums flow endless streams of righteousness and exhortation but their eloquence produces no discernible spiritual fruit.

In these tumultuous times of hatred and vitriol spewing forth from politicians, clergy, and fellow citizens, many of us find our spiritual foundations rocked with a gut-wrenching desire to join in the melee of harshness and discord.  In a heartbeat, in a moment of anger, I can become as evil and slanderous as the worst of the worst seen in the newspapers or on the viewing screens.  In a fit of righteousness I can charge, judge, and condemn the most vocal offenders of my life’s philosophy.  I deem myself omnipotent. It is then that I immediately become a part of the problem and not a promoter of the solution.

Talk is cheap.  However, walking the talk is a never-ending endeavor which separates men from boys, wise from foolish, sheep from goats.  The Buddha attained nirvana following a path of selflessness and principled living.  Jesus and his disciples established a kingdom on earth led by the principles of “the Way.”  Gandhi won liberation for his people through non-violent dissent.  Martin Luther King, Jr. promoted non-violent protest as the vehicle to attain civil rights for African-Americans.  They all walked their talk.  Each of them was a peacemaker.

That also is my challenge in this life.  I shall probably never attain greatness or recognition, but I can always strive to lace my thoughts, speech, and actions with mindfulness and compassion.  I want the flowers of my life to be sweetly scented and fruitful.  Engaging in and wallowing in hatefulness and vitriol is not an option.  Filling my head with the latest scandal from media talking heads does not encourage enlightenment.  Ancient wisdom teaches that what  blossoms in the mind is who we are as a humanity.  Fruit or thorns?  Peace or strife?  Compassion or oppression?  It truly begins within each of us.




3 Replies to “flowers”

  1. I found myself becoming more and more angry each night after watching the political pundits and hearing what new insanity our “president’ was creating…and I had to turn it off. At least my advanced indignation has brought me out of the house and into the halls of government within my own city and OKC…and I spend perhaps three days a week now in some rep’s or congressman’s office, usually speaking to the “aides” who can not seem to find their bosses. I now attend weekly meeting of the official resistance and make plans..and actually follow through with my goas for the week. I march, I create picket signs, I encourage kids to rally…and I almost (almost) get arrested once a week. So far I have only gathered a dozen or so tickets as I am either too old or look pitiful so the police don’t arrest me with the kids. lol Sometimes I fail to listen to that small voice within……..I have to do better. I realize that simply writing about legal protest has done nothing to stir the masses (so to speak) within my community…so I seem to be utilizing those things at the end of my legs instead.
    Yesterday, on Dr King’s anniversary of death, I haunted the halls of city hall and spoke to everyone I met of his life, his goals and how we have YET to attain them…and asked what they were planning on doing to promote the public welfare for ALL………one Senator asked “are you a communist”? one representative asked me “don’t you have a real job? We have important things to do here” two aides listened, and one actually attended a meeting l;ast night on how to protest effectively. Small steps. sorry about the novel…still a bit under the weather and all restraints are off.

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