a common quandary

One of my blogging buddies, MIKE, recently shared a post to which all of us can relate.  We try to be sincere, try to share our experiences and insights, then hope that someone out there in the blogosphere will exclaim, “Me, too!  That’s my story, too.”

It seems that this blogging undertaking is a numbers game for some of our fellow writers.  Whatever the reason, whether it be recognition or monetizing, the MO works this way.  I’ll throw a like on your post and follow your site  with hopes that you will do the same.  Increases my numbers on the WP stats page.  Most likely I did not even read your post which I liked nor do I  intend to read any more of your blog which I am following.

So let’s not give too much credibility to “likes” and “follows”.  WP seems to have rectified the trolling situation that was rampant during the beginning of this year.  Daily I was being followed by sites with comments that were totally irrelevant to my writing material.  Some were legitimate business concerns just trying to advertise, but most were ploys to have me redirect to their sites.  The spam button is easy to find.  It’s on your dashboard under comments.  I also find it comforting to delete those nefarious “pretender” followers.  It’s easy.  Under the dashboard, click on people, then followers, then delete whatever doesn’t look kosher.  Trust me, you will not miss that follower on your site.

But, back to Mike and his great blog site.  It’s the sincerity of purpose and tortuous self-searching that pops off his pages.  I have told him this before, but it bears repeating.  “Mike, you don’t preach at me, you teach.”

He came back at me saying, “All I want to do is come aside you and walk your path with you.”

Our world needs a lot more of that.  Guys like Mike and many more of my blogging friends who just want to walk my path with me for a while and share a life.




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