I’m a kept man

Just another traveler on life’s highway hanging out in the slow lane.  It’s quiet.  It’s peaceful.  Beyond the horizon is rest calling my name.  Green pastures, still waters, my cup overflows.

Aha! Got your attention, didn’t I?  Read on.  I’ll tell you more.

“Keep me safe TILL THE STORM PASSES BY.”  Do you have a safe room in your house for those times when threatening weather is approaching?  Maybe a severe electrical storm, a tornado, or, here in the southeast, a hurricane?  We stock emergency supplies that will keep us safe with food, water, first aid necessities and we have an evacuation plan should we need to leave our homes.

What about a safe room for things of the Spirit?  It’s that space within that has been filled with a lifetime of verses, prayers, experiences, and readings that allow the soul to soar even when the world outside is filled with thunder and lightning.  That is where the Protector dwells eternally ready to wrap His child in arms of solace and comfort during the storms of life.

One of the truths of this life is that the storm will pass, whether it is one that is bearing down on my house or one that is tearing up my inner being.  “This too shall pass.”  Scriptures witness this truth; wise men and experience agree.  I am not immune from the world’s hatred, the verbal arrows of those who judge me, the vagaries of Lady Fortune.  But there is a place of safety and comfort.  There is a Lord and Savior who keeps me.  Amen!  I am a kept man in times of joy and contentment as well as in times of turmoil.

“Shakir had replied, ‘Don’t be fooled by appearances, for this too shall pass.'”  Persian proverb by Sufi saint Fariduddin  Attar – rumi quotes


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