I once loved slinging the mud just as much as the next guy.  Lord knows that today we have enough ammunition to be slinging 24/7.  From religion to Hollywood to elections to old codgerpoliticians there is an endless supply of trash talk that can fill the airwaves with unworthy news, innuendo, gossip, and outright lies.  Even the sailor in me who many years ago drank too much beer with the rowdies in the local Navy hangout blushes like an innocent schoolgirl at some of what these ears hear today.

But, know what?  Sling mud and you’re going to get muddy.  Or to put it in terms an old salt would appreciate, “Sling shit and you will get shitty.”  Slinging becomes an acceptable way to communicate, a vocalization of the anger and disgust residing within the cranium and slinging is infectious.  Have you ever noticed that when you share the first cuss word in a conversation, the other person also takes more freedom with cussing.  When you talk trash about another person, those around you feel free to throw their trash into that conversation also.  It’s a socially transmissible dis-order.  I fear that our society has been infected with a terminal case of slinging.

This is on my mind because Trump will be in Orlando, one of my favorite cities.  I know the trash talk, the bullshit, the lies will flow freely in that arena.  Middle fingers will be pointed at journalists, insults will be leveled, lies will be told, and Trump will smile victoriously from the podium because he knows he has stirred up yet another crowd of supporters into hysteria.  Lord knows he doesn’t know how to run a country or keep us safe or play with other children nicely, or speak truth.  The only thing he can do effectively is stir the shit pot.  Aw hell, here I go again slinging.  I truly want to give it up.  Help!

My grandpa always said, “If you can’t talk nicely, then just keep your damned mouth shut.”  I sure wish he was still with us.  We could go to Orlando and spread some nice laughing emoji3conversation.  Well, maybe not.  Grandpa also said, “Don’t try to reason with holier-than-thou Christians, the IRS, and Republicans.  They have hearing problems.”

Grandpa was a wise man.


4 Replies to “SLINGING”

  1. every time I try to stop I find myself slinging even more. So, I figured sling once a day and then wait six hours, re-read and see if I really really want to post that….I find myself posting about natural flea killers instead. lol

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    1. I understand. I’m just hoping people don’t confuse me with that ad for Sling TV…..or maybe that could be interesting. How about we write about slinging, swinging frogs and fleas? Hmmmm. Hey baby how about hopping across the pond to my place?…..sorry, Suze, I forgot my meds today.


  2. I like your grandpa already. Y’know, my friend, sometimes one just has to sling a bit of mud to preserve one’s sanity. I try to keep it to a minimum, but … if I hold it all inside, then I wake with chest pains an hour after going to bed. I only wish I could sling something a bit harder than mud, and directly at a certain person’s head … a person who shall remain nameless and I leave it up to you to figure out who. 😉


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