The New Normal?

My friend Larry, in Texas, has timely thoughts on today’s society.

just drive, will you?

Out running some errands today, I passed by a school.

In front of the school was their sign, with the name of the school, and a place for cute sayings, important reminders of school events, whatever.

On the sign today was a saying that caught my attention, because it struck me as more than just a simple saying. It was more like an earnest plea to the human race.

It just said, “Make kindness normal.”

And immediately, I considered the implications of that simple statement. Does this even need to be said? Is kindness so abnormal, we actually need this reminder to bring it back to a level where it’s just what is expected?

And I knew full well the answer to both those questions: Yes.

I’ve noticed for yearsa steady erosion of kindness, manners, courtesy, civility, unselfishness; the things that separate the humans from the animals. Everybody’s…

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3 Replies to “The New Normal?”

  1. This is a beautiful and timely message that the entire world needs to not only hear, but also put into daily practice. The importance of kindness can never be overemphasized. I have often come upon another quote that is attributed as unknown : “In a world where you can be anything, be KIND!” I do in fact know where that quote originated, at least for me. Over 6 decades ago those very words were often repeated to my siblings and myself, by my very wise and kind Gram. Thank-you for sharing this post!

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