A wonderful update by WordPress


Well, here it goes folks. WP is forcing an old dog to learn new tricks. Trust me, Gabby doesn’t adapt well, he growls when unhappy and bites when angry.

I tried to link to YouTube videos explaining how easy this new feature is, but, in the process lost my religion and scared the cats. So, today there will not be links to YouTube. And if the paragraph alignment makes no sense……don’t blame me.

So, I am going to curl up in bed and take a nap. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

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6 Replies to “OLD DOGS”

  1. The new system is a complete pain in the butt! I can manage to write my posts, but it took me thirty minutes to figure out how to add a picture just where I wanted it. The whole new format is designed for blogs that are commercial, not just for writers. Why in the world couldn’t they just create a separate format for commercial blogs and leave ours alone?

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  2. Add my name to the list of annoyed WordPress writers. I wouldn’t mind so much if they supplied decent instruction.

    Everything I’ve been able to find is: 1) Focused as much or more on website design as on the editor, 2) Limited to the point of being trivial, or 3) Nearly impossible to navigate. My field, Instructional Design, has a technical word for this kind of instruction … Crap. What I’d like to see is a website that asks, “What doe you want to do?” and applies a powerful (Google-like) search engine to figure out what I mean and present the possible answer(s). A complete and well-indexed manual would be even better for an old-school user like me. I’d be happy to pay for one, if I could be sure it’s what I want, but the online abstracts are worse than useless.

    I applaud the efforts of our fellow bloggers who have tried to fill the gap, but providing adequate instruction for something like this is a herculean task. By the time any of us could design and develop something really useful, most of us will have figured out what’s needed for our individual needs. Too bad WordPress couldn’t release good documentation along with the software.

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