We, humanity, are not born violent, racist, or bigoted.  We are born to live in peaceful coexistence with mankind.  So, what has happened?  Ego, greed, self-importance, fear, and lust for power overtake our destiny to be a compassionate and generous world community.  Individually, we are bombarded with media ads which tell us we are not good enough, personal confrontations which ridicule and threaten us, religious theory which tells us we are God’s favored children, and more religious theory which tells us other faiths are determined to annihilate  us.  We become frazzled by the need to keep in step with the Joneses next door and continually paralyzed by a world we don’t understand.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We need to check our interior barometer for signs of soul fatigue and heart dysfunction which lead to worry, stress and pain.  We employ our personalized meditation plan and “chill”.  We get a handle on the issues that are beyond our control and forget about them.  Remember, we  cannot control the past, the future or other people.  There’s not much left that can be changed by our action or inaction.  That’s a good thing.

Restore priorities to default settings.  We know what they are because in the quiet times, in the times when we have latched on to the Lord of our lives, we have revealed to ourselves what is and what is not important in this life.  We become the observer of the thought processes running through our brain.  Don’t try to judge them, just observe and let those thoughts continue on their way into oblivion.  Enjoy what is now.

Today’s tragedy in Virginia reminds us what can happen when hatred and a feeling of impotence in dealing with anger combine with a readily available arsenal of guns.  Don’t try to judge the shooting; don’t try to lay blame.  We are a product of the mind processes which we allow to control our behavior.  We have the capacity to make those thoughts peaceful and compassionate not only towards others but also to ourselves.

If we believe in the wisdom of the ancients, then we remember these words:

“As you sow so shall you reap.” Galatians 6:7, Holy Bible

The seeds we plant in our minds and hearts can sprout into bountiful fields of grain or thorny bushes of thistle.  Perhaps if our government and religious leaders were to meditate on this verse, we could see the beginnings of a better world as envisioned by the dreamers.



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