LORD, bring us together

emptiness is beckoning
waiting to fill our
thoughts with your magnificence.
your brilliance transcends
our concerns for today,
lifts us to eternity,
to a place beyond ,
a place of peace,

gather us in your dwelling place
together as one,
together in spirit,
together in brotherhood.
fuse our differences,
kindle our fires of love,
show us the truth
we are as one in your warmth,
show us the way to eternity,
shelter us in your magnificence.

release our cares,
release our hatred,
release our souls
from the confines
of human toil.
release our pettiness,
release our prejudice,
release our souls
from the confines of ego.

wrap us in your brilliance
cover us with understanding
lead us to peace,
to tolerance,
to love,
lead us to the eternity
that dwells within
lead us to wisdom,
to forgiveness,
to your magnificence
to your power.

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