Me and Larry, my creator, ain’t hitting it off too well lately.  He thinks my English usage sucks and what he calls “irreverence” is inappropriate.  Well, la-de-da Mr. Goody Two Shoes, life sucks and life is irreverent.  There ain’t nothing about living in this world that follows any “life is grand” script.  Of course I need to watch my Ps and Qs cause he could pull the plug on me and Gabby would be forever just another has-been wannabe writer.

Oh, I know.  We all try to live with principles and ideals, but when a fella thinks about it, most folks don’t give a big whoop-de-do about those things.  NosirreeBob.  Most folks is out for themselves trying to get over on their neighbors and just looking at what’s in it for them.  Gimme, gimme, gimmee.  More, more, more.

Hell, look at the man America elected as President.  Do you really think he gets up in the morning and thinks, “Now, what am I going to do for my fellow man today?”

Nope, it’s all about Donnie and lil Donnie and I ain’t talking about Donald Jr.  YessirreeBob.  That’s one self-indulging, lying, faithless piece of human flesh pretending to be somebody special.  Makes ya wonder about all them folks that elected him.  Do ya truly believe they love their fellow man?  Hell no.  Them fat-assed, bigoted, privileged, good ole white boys is just afraid of an America that ain’t run by other white boys exactly like em.

Well there, I’ve said it.  Been festering in my mind for a long time.  Go ahead, call me names, take away my birthday cause I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.  And good ole Larry can kiss my fatooty if he don’t like it.  Oops….oh please, don’t unplug me.



15 Replies to “NEWS FROM GABBYGRAYWHISKERS: ultimatum”

  1. Now, Gabby..just tell Larry that Suze said to leave you alone. It will go one of two ways. He will either be so totally impressed that Suze (a woman of fine discernment and couth) would think you are a separate entity from him and leave you be OR, Larry will snicker at Suze’s lame attempt to act as if she has a clue. In either event, he should leave you alone to spout forth colloquial politically incorrect blather and thus both educate and amuse us.

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  2. Hello Gabby and friend Larry. I know some of the blog circles I run in wont be your “cup of tea”. However one blog post that may interest you is . It goes with your post I think because of Gabby’s feeling about what drives people. Now one of the things that is in the post is this “True Christians live to love and serve others following the actions of Jesus when He became a man” by Andrew.

    Here was my response:

    True Christians live to love and serve others following the actions of Jesus.
    As a gay child who knew his sexuality, as a gay youth who listened to the horrors of being gay from all sides, as a gay adult who lost jobs, promotion, and suffered assaults. As a gay man with a long term lover in a long term relationship I watched other get benefits for hours / days / months of marriage I couldn’t get with our years together. As a gay human being I have felt and seen the christian love. I have the scars for that love. I don’t want that love ever again. Give me human love for another human, and leave “the god who seems to love his own kind only” out of it. Thank you. Hugs

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    1. Scottie, I’m not sure how to process your comment. Very simply, anyone who professes any faith in any god and does not base that faith on tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for all of creation is, in my opinion, a pretender. I advocate solidarity with all members of this species and that has nothing to do with the label “Christian”. I too suffered what you speak of, but I also had the great fortune (grace) of meeting a higher power through Alcoholics Anonymous. What you suffered and what I suffered was not at the hands of genuine believers. They were pretenders, hypocrites, deceivers. The ‘human love” you speak of is the real deal. It’s genuine. It makes you a “believer” in the innate goodness that dwells within each of us. The Christian god and the Jesus follower do not have a monopoly on this inward essence. They have in many cases bastardized the beauty of scriptural love. Enough of my rambling. Hugs back at you.

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  3. Thanks for replying Larry. I was not sure how well it fit into your post, but I though it was about how some people treat others. Thanks for taking time to respond. Hugs

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    1. And Scottie…rest assured that if there is a final judgement, if there is a God, if there is a heaven…..Christianity and Christians will have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do for what they have done in the name of God. Hugs

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      1. Hello Larry. Your reply is wonderful and it reminded me to two jokes I have long pondered.
        A man dies and goes to the Pearly Gates and is let into heaven. It so
        happens that on the day he enters Paradise it is also Saint Peter’s day off.
        Having nothing better to do, Saint Peter offers the man the Grand Tour and
        so they spend the day looking at all the wondrous sights and sounds.
        At the end of the tour, they reach the far side of heaven, and, lo and
        behold, there is a massive wall reaching into eternity dividing one side of
        heaven from the other. Confused, the man asks Saint Peter, “what is this
        wall here for and what is its purpose in heaven and what is on the other
        side”? Saint Peter sighs, throws his hands up and rolls his eyes and says,
        “Oh, on the other side of this wall is where you will find all the Born
        Again Christians.” “Why is that,” asks the man? “Why do you keep all the
        Born Again Christians on the other side of the wall.” Embarrassed, Saint
        Peter replies, “Well…um…er… we let them think they’re the only ones up
        here”!! 😉

        A man arrives at the gates of heaven. St. Peter asks, “Religion?”

        The man says, “Methodist.”

        St. Peter looks down his list and says, “Go to Room 24, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8.”

        Another man arrives at the gates of heaven. “Religion?”


        “Go to Room 18, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8.”

        A third man arrives at the gates. “Religion?”


        “Go to Room 11, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8.”

        The man says, “I can understand there being different rooms for different denominations, but why must I be quiet when I pass Room 8?”

        St. Peter tells him, “Well, the Baptists are in Room 8, and they think they’re the only ones here.”
        Be well. Hugs

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