Gabby and Larry: not two peas in a pod

This journey I am on, the same journey all of us undertake, has met its share of stone walls, dead ends, and heartbreak.  What seemed like a terrific idea yesterday becomes today’s need to backtrack and regroup.  A person who comes aside and walks that path with me briefly decides to take the alternate route lying ahead and becomes just a memory of good times.  The opportunity not taken shows up later in life as one of those “I told you so” moments.  It can be a tortuous life through hell we build for ourselves or a meandering trek through serenity.  We have the ability to make that choice.

I write as larrypaulbrown and as gabbygraywhiskers.  Larry is the idealist, the one who sees the possibilities of life through rose-colored filters and believes in the innate goodness of mankind and the infinite power of an incomprehensible, undefinable God.  Whatever turmoil and hostility abounds in the world, Larry believes it can be conquered by love and compassion.

Gabby on the other hand is a realist.  He relates his world view from the experiences of a life deep in the nitty-gritty of addiction, disappointment, and social disapproval.  His personality is a composite of the people who have joined in his journey through life.  His world view is tempered by the harshness of ignorance and misunderstanding.  Gabby is more of an in-your-face kind of man who sees injustice in the world and wants to single-handedly and vociferously confront it and then fix it.  The compassion he envisions is backed by a good ole boy creed which ridicules and challenges stupidity.  He’s got something to say and, “dang it, you’re gonna friggin listen.”

I continually struggle with these two personas that fill my brain with thoughts and writing material.  Sometimes I think that, yes, dementia is finally taking over.  But, more often, I simply go with the flow and allow whomever has a pressing need to vocalize to take the pen and fill the page with the my ramblings.

My goal is not to be published, not to become a noteworthy blogger, not to become a recognized name in writing circles.  I merely want to touch lives in a meaningful way.

“Aw hell, there Larry goes again with that mushy crap.  NosirreeBob, what we’re gonna do is change the friggin world whether the world likes it or not.”




Me and Larry, my creator, ain’t hitting it off too well lately.  He thinks my English usage sucks and what he calls “irreverence” is inappropriate.  Well, la-de-da Mr. Goody Two Shoes, life sucks and life is irreverent.  There ain’t nothing about living in this world that follows any “life is grand” script.  Of course I need to watch my Ps and Qs cause he could pull the plug on me and Gabby would be forever just another has-been wannabe writer.

Oh, I know.  We all try to live with principles and ideals, but when a fella thinks about it, most folks don’t give a big whoop-de-do about those things.  NosirreeBob.  Most folks is out for themselves trying to get over on their neighbors and just looking at what’s in it for them.  Gimme, gimme, gimmee.  More, more, more.

Hell, look at the man America elected as President.  Do you really think he gets up in the morning and thinks, “Now, what am I going to do for my fellow man today?”

Nope, it’s all about Donnie and lil Donnie and I ain’t talking about Donald Jr.  YessirreeBob.  That’s one self-indulging, lying, faithless piece of human flesh pretending to be somebody special.  Makes ya wonder about all them folks that elected him.  Do ya truly believe they love their fellow man?  Hell no.  Them fat-assed, bigoted, privileged, good ole white boys is just afraid of an America that ain’t run by other white boys exactly like em.

Well there, I’ve said it.  Been festering in my mind for a long time.  Go ahead, call me names, take away my birthday cause I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.  And good ole Larry can kiss my fatooty if he don’t like it.  Oops….oh please, don’t unplug me.