divide and conquer

A recent NPR report gives account of Joel Clement, a scientist who was director of the Interior Department’s Office of Policy Analysis. In this position under the Obama Administration, Mr. Clement in a 2013 report warned,  “that the Arctic is warming faster than any other region on Earth and that the implications of the change would include rapid coastal erosion threatening villages and facilities, loss of wildlife habitat, ecosystem instability… and unpredictable impacts on subsistence activities and critical social needs.”

Having now been reassigned by Trump appointee Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to a position in an accounting office, Clement believes this demotion is retaliation for  “speaking out publicly about the dangers that climate change poses to Alaska Native communities.” Additionally he says, “….he’s turning whistleblower on an administration that “chooses silence over science.”

The current administration is quietly filling influential government jobs with supporters of Trump policies.  It is firing or demoting qualified individuals with years of government service who disagree and speak out about the direction Trump has taken.  This is the quiet revolution occurring behind the scenes without need for public/Congressional approval.  Wake up America!  Your country has been stolen by powers seen and unseen.  From the endeavors of Russia, corporate oligarchs, white supremacists, and Christian theocrats, the America a majority of us have cherished is a relic of the past.

Your POTUS is a master of deceit, the greatest showman on Earth, creating an atmosphere of outward chaos and division to conceal the inner workings of a despotic attempt to change the face of America.  But, he is a mere puppet of the greater powers which we need to resist.  Do not depend on your Congressmen or any other elected officials to counter this dismantling for they also have been bought by the same corporate greed which envisions an American oligarchy.  Keith Olbermann exhorts us to “resist”.  We can do so in the marketplace by reducing consumption and acquainting ourselves with the product manufacturers.  We can do so in government by knowing our candidates and choosing the ‘lesser of numerous evils’.  Most of all we must deny Trump’s attempt to divide and conquer.



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  1. Hello Larry. I agree with the post. However the fact is the wealthy donors to the political parties don’t want us to have anything, they simply don’t care if we do. They want only a great subservient working class that can not change their fate. They seem to be driving the population to a short lived poverty working class that will do anything to survive and is powerless to demand even the basics of living. It tears me up to know I had more disposable income as a non skilled worker in the 1980’s than I have today as a skilled professional. I was able to work and buy a new home and new truck and many good things on one salary. Today a person the same age must get two or three other people together to afford the rent of an apartment. Hugs

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