smiley 3Now, tell me folks, don’t y’all think Gabby would have been a great cheerleader?  I mean, the raw talent just oozes out of every rah, rah, don’t it?  I was doing just fine in tryouts until I ended a cheer with “KISS MY ASS”.   They simply had no sense of humor, whaddyathink?

Well, now we know the good Lord had bigger things in mind when he led me down the cheerleading path.  I’m today a cheerleader for the Big Guy in the sky.  YessirreeBob.  Y’all call him/her whatever you want and cross your theological T and dot your religious I.  In my heart I know that the head honcho coach is the greatest power there is.  Ain’t no bigger game on earth than the one that teaches unity, sportsmanship, hard work, and brotherly love.  Ain’t no god contrived by man that scores more points on the playing field called life.  It’s an inside thing folks.  We grab the spirit that’s been put inside us and we run with it.  We make a difference in the lives of other people.  We act like ladies and gentlemen even when the opposing team is kicking our butts.  NosirreeBob, we never give up the ball to intolerance, bigotry, hatred, and racism.

Yeah, I agree that’s enough analogy for one post.  Hell, what do y’all expect for free?  A five-page sermonette?  But, this past weekend with the hoopla over professional football players standing or kneeling for the national anthem is just another indication that your POTUS is deranged.  He’s got Russia hacking our elections, Iran testing missiles, healthcare failure looming, young professionals facing deportation, a war in Syria, a war in Afghanistan, an opioid war, and Kim in North Korea threatening to blow us all to smithereens…..and your POTUS is attacking the NFL for being disrespectful.  C’mon man, even Gabby with his 1960s style ‘give-a-shit’ attitude and the morals of an alley cat has more sense than that.  Where’s Trump’s priorities?

Say what you like about my cheerleading abilities, but y’all know I’m right as a greased pig in the pit with this little exhortation (Larry said that was an appropriate word to use). What my Grandpappy always told me was to be aware of the smoke screens that politicians throw out.  They’s just covering the really important bullshit going on behind the scenes.  Get out your knee-highs, we’re gonna need ’em.


EEEEEEEEEHAW               smiley-face-2

2 Replies to “NEWS FROM GABBYGRAYWHISKERS: football”

  1. no screaming about the SIL using a personal email account for governmental screaming about Pence using a personal server for the money to Puerto Rico for assistance after a massive hurricane threw damn near every citizen out of their now destroyed homes, no water, food, electricity or phones…just a lot of flamboyant hoopla over kneeling and a foreign despot. Lots of fussing about McCain not being a reliable puppet, lots of climate denial and the new and improved most wonderfulest healthcare bill and bribery to four states so their senators will say YEA brother to it! I swear, Sinclair Lewis was right when he said “When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”

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  2. Absolutely. Suze, our twilight years are going to be nothing like what I had imagined. Behind the scenes, Trump is filling government positions which don’t require Senate approval with his cronies at breakneck speed. He doesn’t give a shit about Senate approval because he is changing our government from within. We, the electors, are irrelevant. The fascism Sinclair Lewis describes is here. Keith Olbermann is right in saying that we have been overtaken. He urges us to resist. That is the work before us as old people. Resist in thought, word and deed. Thanks for being a resister.

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