to facebook or not to facebook

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…..that, my friends, is the question of importance this morning.  On the one hand, Facebook is informational and I’m able to follow the groups and organizations such as SPLC, AU, Media Matters, and my Congressmen which keep me informed about issues of significance in my life.  On the other hand Facebook is filled with a litany of stupidity and ignorance that somehow also creeps into my daily routine.

Friends on Facebook?  Yeah, right.  I am “public”, anybody can read me.  Of those who follow me are 7 people whom I do not know, and one girlfriend from the foggy days of the 1970s.  She scares me more than any of the others.  Assuredly, I can access the privacy settings and make myself virtually inaccessible, but, what’s the point in that.

No, as a blogger friend has noted, it should be called “Fakebook”.  I like that.  It just rolls off the tongue and it is a much more accurate description of what a man can expect when he signs up.  Although, during the 2016 campaign, my cadre of Facebook “friends” showed their true colors and most of them deleted me.  Hmmmmmm.  maybe there is a redeeming value in Fakebook.

I am virtually friendless on social media but, I now know who the loyal people are in my life.

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5 Replies to “to facebook or not to facebook”

  1. I agree with you. I am not on Facebook. I have several people I know who do not contact me or email because they are insisting I join Facebook to talk with them. I don’t like Facebook and I don’t want to be on it. I have a blog, email, twitter, and texting. That is more than I can handle on any given day. Plus I like to be able read the barrage of news I have to handle with out have to fact check each sentence which I have to do on Facebook. Be well . Hugs.

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  2. I have often considered leaving Facebook. But I just can’t (and scores of friends have agreed) allow the sick and broken to take it over completely. I may be one voice crying out in the wilderness but some hear it. So I stay, adhering to a strict policy to encourage and maybe share a laugh or show off my wonderful family. I’ve learned to “hide” those that get under my skin and to expect scared, hurting people to act like scared, hurting people.

    So, for now at least, I’m there.

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