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My post yesterday, THE ARROGANT CHRISTIAN, did not go where I intended it to go.  Instead of speaking my truth kindly, I became excessively judgmental and vindictive.  I apologize to any offended readers, but just as importantly I need to take a look at my own spiritual bearings.

I believe the common denominator for the vast majority of the world’s population is that we want to live peaceably, support our families, have a comfortable standard of living, practice our chosen faith walk (or absence of faith walk), and leave the world which we inhabit a better place then when we arrived.  Namaste. 🙏

I have my path to follow and you have yours.  They may cross at times or even run parallel, but never can I walk yours or you mine.


10 Replies to “apology”

    1. Thanks for the affirmation. Yes, I like the Presbyterians too. My parents split when I was a baby because of religion, I never knew my father. So for me, religion, especially fundamentalism, is a hot button topic.

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  1. nope..nothing wrong with that post my friend…and I’m with you and hook..Presbyterians are the most accepting..probably because they started up in Scotland when the brits made it illegal to wear a kilt or speak the native language..or have a faith different than anglican. (that was tongue in cheek for those who have zero sense of humor)

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  2. Sometimes it’s hard not to be judgemental, and we all do it! Although I wasn’t offended by your post, I love the way you recognized that it’s tone wasn’t what you intended and apologized. Who knows? That kind of honesty and humility might just be what someone needed to hear, and it’s certainly a great example for the rest of us! Thanks Larry!

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