idols & flags

If you do not change direction, broken hearted
you may end up
where you are heading – Lao Tzu

“Today consider who is not free in the place you call home.  Pray for them and then take one step toward the way you can become an answer to that prayer.”

“WHAT WE PLEDGE OUR ALLEGIANCE TO must look like Jesus:  who turned the other cheek, welcomed children, engaged the outcast, blurred lines of religion and family for the sake of his neighbor, absorbed violence, disarmed hate, moved toward the sick, included the poor, reorganized the recipients, and loved his enemies.  We can celebrate where we live without worshipping it and while challenging the parts that look nothing like Christ.”

RED LETTER CHRISTIANSgod bless america

EXODUS 20:1-4


2 Replies to “idols & flags”

  1. We from Europe do get an other feeling or an other idea to what most of the North Americans pledge when they greet their flag and sign the national anthem.

    Certainly the last few years a majority seem to have forgotten their own roots and how their family-members took away the land of the Native Americans. Lots of them also do not like it when others also like their grandparents want to find better pastures and have put their hopes in a so called “Land of the free” which does not seem to be so free any more at all.
    Lots of people in that land of so called freedom are not free any-more to speak or think whilst others are carried away by a bugaboo who tries to spread hatred and tries to convince “his people” that others all bring fake news, this whilst he tells all the time lots of lies and brings stories those who do not know their history want to believe, like two hundred years before a plane was invented the Americans already taking in airports and shooting down the planes of the enemy.

    We are very concerned about those who Pledge their Allegiance to a present nation which does everything to take down the values Jesus preached.


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