What is it that most people desire, few people give, and the world lacks?  Answer respectcropped-c6fe7102aaf9242136b451907b02957d1.jpg and you win the prize.  Respect as a noun means admiration, regard, appreciation, courtesy.  Used as a verb it can mean avoid interfering with or causing harm, treat with consideration, admire, value, look up to, revere, heed, obey, attend to, defer to.

Unfortunately, a dictionary full of words is meaningless if the heart of mankind does not hold reverence for the divine nature of each creature on earth and the divine nature of the earth itself, i.e., respect.

How about self-respect?  Do you and I wrap ourselves with arms of abundant self-esteem and self-love?  Why not?  Are you not lovable?  Are you not a creature of earth designed with a loving divine nature?  Oh, I see.  You don’t consider yourself worthy.  You are saying that the Creator did not know what he/she/it was doing when your body and soul were on the printing press.  Wow, how arrogant is that?

1967 Aretha Franklin written by Otis Redding

4 Replies to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  1. Sometimes, I have great respect for myself, because I’ve managed what no one else in my family has- I’ve managed to raise a child all by myself in spite of my mental demons. That responibility breaks a lot of people (including her dad who walked out on us) but I am still here, 9 years later, trying my best to give my a child a decent life.
    Unfortunately my self esteem is so precarious all it takes is a call from my father reminding me of everything I am not and I go back to self loathing and lack of self respect. I mean, if my own father can’t love and respect me for what I am, then maybe I don’t deserve it from myself, either? Even as a grown woman, it still confuses me, family ties can strangle you.

    You make great points. We are all worthy of giving and receiving respect, as well as having respect for ourselves.

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    1. Wow. YOU ARE WORTHY and have shown your worth by raising a child without a father. But, we don’t have to prove ourselves to anybody, especially family. They can be the most sightless and judgmental people in our lives. Years ago I read a book about toxic relationships. Family members were at the top of the list. Keep moving forward and learn to love all aspects of yourself – the good and the bad. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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  2. Katina said it all….our human families can be so very destructive and set us back. We have to somehow find the strength of will, or that higher power, to make us see we are so much MORE than. Thanks Larry for a thoughtful and needed post.


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