So many of us have lived our lives placing unmerited value on the opinions of others while discrediting our personal truth and reality.  Breaking the shackles of people-pleasing requires honest self-appraisal, a healthy dose of self-esteem, and an enormous commitment to self-realization.

jesus in prayer

The wisdom seekers from ancient times offered to us these words as recorded in writings which were incorporated into the Old Testament of today’s Bible:

Thus says the LORD:
Share your bread with the hungry,
shelter the oppressed and the homeless;
clothe the naked when you see them,
and do not turn your back on your own.
Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,

ISAIAH 58:7-10

“Then your light shall break forth….”

Is my beacon of hope and compassion breaking forth today?  Is yours?  How about the beacon of America?  I know that I can do better, but I believe that America has lost its way.  Granted there are many who continue to offer food, shelter, solace to the homeless and oppressed, but they are not the ones in power today, are they?  Our government and, sadly, a handful of religious leaders seem to have forgotten that it has been immigrants who historically have made this nation a melting pot of ingenuity, intelligence and hard work.  Perhaps we can live today as if that beacon of hope is shining brightly.



I   AM   LARRY – worthy, unique, loved

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2 Replies to “BEACONS”

  1. I think perhaps the most baffling thing about this immigration situation is that with genetic testing, there’s likely not more than 1% who’d be considered an actual American. We are all comprised of a little of this, a little of that, and that has made this country great and diverse. Now suddenly it has become a bad thing?
    And this new policy they want that only allows in immigrants who can prove they are educated, employable and able to make a good living here and not need social assistance…It makes me wonder how long before this country turns on its own who needs such assistance.
    It’s a scary time in American and I hope faith alone can carry us all through it.

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    1. Good points. This current Administration is slashing funds for programs to keep the needy from falling through the cracks. I am one of those people. Simplifying, doing without have become a way of life – and it’s OK. Thanks for the visit and comment.😎

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