gratitude changes everything

For breath and clean air to breathe,
for heartbeat and healthy flowing blood…
i am thankful.
For arms and legs that move,
for toes that wiggle…
i am thankful.

gratitude changes everythingcropped-pride7.png

A young friend recently migrated from Key West to north central Florida as a result of the changes covid-19 has inflicted upon him .  His entourage included a motor home, a motorcycle, a 28 foot boat, a pickup truck, a kayak, and a car – all of them accumulated possessions of a single, middle-aged man.

I do not begrudge anyone the toys they have amassed, but I do feel positively grateful that my life is completely full and content with a 24 year old pickup truck, a partner who loves me and a cat that still purrs his butt off sitting by my side.  I am blessed beyond anything deserved with a bed in which to sleep, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly.



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