Friends, I am sitting here with my life-long friend, Gabby Graywhiskers.  Some of you have met him from previous posts.  He is well versed in a wide array of topics and he is not shy about sharing his opinion.  But, did you know he is also a recovering alcoholic?

“Gabby, thank you for taking time to sit with me today, I would…….”

“Excuse me, Larry.  You just now broke my anonymity to millions of people across the globe and in my hometown.  Nary a one of ’em knew I was a drunk.   ‘Who you see here, what we say here, when you leave here, let it stay here.’  Ever hear that at a meeting, Bucko?  Gaaaawd, what’s my preacher and city mayor gonna think?”

“Gabby, I apologize.  I ‘m sure your drinking was not a big secret.  Besides, I believe my readership is less than 300, so the entire…

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Morning Bible Studies 1/19/18

Check out “HOLINESS IN RECOVERY”. It is a voice of Christian faith which reaches out to those disheartened and disenchanted by what is being presented on social media as “Evangelical Christianity.”

Holiness in Recovery

Topic: Authority

Being a control freak myself – which in my twelve step group is labeled a character defect, and in a church is considered a sin, I found this mornings bible study interesting at minimum.  Ordinarily I have the days bible study posted by now, however, this morning I wanted to get it as close to right as possible and that took some introspection.  Sorry for the delay in posting this – this topic is “near and dear” to my heart!

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I have recently been blessed by having the opportunity to experience and participate in church services at varying Christian denominations facilities.  I have taken a message from each service and in each instance, the gift that I’ve received is the relationships with people that I have formed.  This hasn’t been necessarily true in every occasion with the leaders of each establishment.  On the contrary, the congregations were warm, friendly…

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Alcoholic? Who, me?

My friends, I’ve been blogging about 5 years and this was one of my first pages written.  I initially intended to write only about addiction and recovery, but have since been led to share with you the things that keep me ticking spiritually.  In a few days I will celebrate 37 years of “clean and serene” living.  I want to take you back to some of my previous writings regarding my experience, strength, and hope.  This particular post has audio…, does it ever have audio.  Crank it up or tone it down.  Let your age group be the determining factor.  It is Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.


Hats Off to Senator Cory Booker

Filosofa's Word

More than once in recent months, I have pondered who would make the best democratic candidate for president in the 2020 contest.  Elizabeth Warren?  Probably a bit too controversial, but certainly qualified.  John Lewis?  Sadly, too old, for he would be nearly 81 years of age when he took the oath of office, though he would otherwise be my first choice.  And then I keep coming back to Cory Booker.  I have a project list, and Senator Booker’s name is on it, but I just hadn’t gotten to him yet.  Today, something happened that raised him even higher in my esteem and I have bumped him up on the list.

At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, claimed that she couldn’t remember what word Trump used to describe Haiti and African nations in an Oval Office meeting last week. Now, we…

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