let’s try Christianity

I had another post prepared to share, but a more pressing issue blipped onto my radar screen and I believe this post from a while back is appropriate for today’s religious dialog. 🙏

via let’s try Christianity


“Imagine no heaven or hell….and no religion, too.  You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”  JOHN LENNON

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6 Replies to “let’s try Christianity”

  1. I find every word in Lennon’s “Imagine” to be relevant and meaningful. I try very hard not to critique religions, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam or others. Personally, when religion, no matter what religion, takes away the rights of others, or attempts to, then … I have no use for it. I find too much arrogance in all religions … to believe that theirs is the “one and only right” religion is the height of arrogance. Sigh.

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