I give it to you,
the pain,
the sorrow,
the disappointment.
Too long it has
lived here,
too long.

I now release
the sadness and grief.
I release the anger,
I release the bitterness
and unforgiveness.
Take it,
burn it.

I beg of you
to let us continue,
to embrace
that which is good,

Release the resentments,
the vile thoughts,
that which hinders,
that which betrays,
that which condemns.
Bring us peace,
Bring us compassion.

In your power
hold us,

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12 Replies to “RELEASE”

      1. I believe the most helpful insights from this keto idea have come from no sugary snacks and an 18 hour fast between supper and breakfast. Also healthy fats and oils, no refined seed oils. I’m seeing my DR this week to review latest blood work. Got high hopes that results will be excellent.

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  1. My doctor had me on a massive dose of Vit D – 5000 units a day. I was also taking Vit B, CoQ10, glucosamine/chondroitin, aspirin and a statin. Now, I am only taking my BP med and magnesium/melatonin as a sleep aid. Thanks for the concern.😎

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