Here comes Michael


Now is not the time to worry about Hurricane Michael.  The planning and preparation should have been done yesterday and earlier today.  Water bottles filled, gas tanks filled, pantry shelves stocked, batteries, medications, valuable papers gathered, first aid kit handy, and good books to read when the power goes out as it always does.  Having decided not to evacuate, all we can now do is sit tight, enjoy the stormy weather, and keep an eye on neighbors who could need help.

Contrary to popular opinion, storms can be enjoyable.  Spectacular lightning displays, torrential rains, trees whipping in the wind – it’s all part of God’s beautiful scenario, always has been, always will be.  Absolutely the most awesome display of mother nature’s might occurred on an interstate in Arkansas many years ago.  CB communication had warned us that tornadoes were spotted in the area. We were caught in a big rig miles from any safe haven.  Seeing the funnel ahead of us we pulled off the highway under an overpass and cocked the tractor to the trailer for stability.   Within seconds the rig was rocking, the sky grew dark and the fields of knee-high grass surrounding us lay flat to the ground as if in obeisance to the Master of creation.  From my vantage point strapped in my seat, I saw an amazing display of blue-green fireworks as the transformers on the power line about 1/2 mile away blew out one by one.  Pop! Pop! Pop! My co-driver urged me to climb in back under the bunk.  “Hell no,” I yelled, “and miss the show?”

All of us need to reckon with this impermanence called human life.  We are not destined for physical immortality.  We were not created to live perfectly nor care-free.  But, each of us has the capacity to love unconditionally and enjoy exceedingly.  Jesus did that.  In his short human life, Jesus healed, instructed, nurtured, and loved exceedingly.  I believe that even when he was hanging on the cross crucified, he said, ‘Thanks, Father, that was one helluva ride.”  Some folks will disagree, but this is my story, isn’t it?

We can live and love as Jesus did when we walk our paths here on earth.  It’s our choice.  The show is guaranteed to be spectacular.



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